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Autolaunch is a feature which allows Displagent to automatically start a Slideshow and Slideshow Type of your choosing after Autostart launches your app. This is an essential and highly-requested feature to give your display a true unattended, kiosk-like experience.

In order for Autolaunch to work successfully, you MUST make sure that Autostart is configured. Please read the Autostart guide if you have not done so, this is very important since Autostart needs to work first before Autolaunch can work.

Autostart ≠ Autolaunch

Please note that Autostart and Autolaunch are two distinct features in Displagent. Autostart is responsible for simply opening the app on machine startup/reboot. Autolaunch, on the other hand, is responsible for automatically launching a slideshow of your choosing after the app is opened by Autostart.

When you choose the autolaunch settings (as discussed on the following page), Displagent will create an autolaunchsettings.json file on your machine to easily execute autolaunch anytime the app starts.

Per machine

Each Autolaunch is isolated to the machine that Displagent is installed on and must currently be configured per machine.