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Compound Slideshows

Here we introduce Displagent's number one most-requested feature: Compound Slideshows.

What is a Compound Slideshow?

A Compound Slideshow is a combination of one or more subslideshows placed in a certain order. In short and simple terms, think of a Compound Slideshow as a master slideshow or multicomponent slideshow that allows you to combine other slideshows that you've made together into one convenient place and iterate through them, one at a time.

What is a subslideshow?

A subslideshow here is defined as the other slideshow types that you have at your disposal:

  • Report Slideshows
  • Dashboard Slideshows

Since Compound Slideshows are composed of multiple subslideshows, their content can span multiple Power BI reports, multiple Power BI dashboards, and multiple Power BI workspaces.

Use Cases

Compound Slideshows are great for a number of different applications and use cases.

For example, assume that you have a Power BI report for sales, a Power BI report for shop floor production, and a Power BI report for machine maintenance metrics. You may have already built a respective Report Slideshow for the sales, production, and maintenance departments, but what if you have a central management office where you want to display all of these metrics on one TV for executives to see throughout the day? Compound Slideshows are perfectly suited for this type of use case.

Build Subslideshows First

I want to make a very important note here: all that Compound Slideshows do is combine multiple subslideshows together.

You cannot choose certain report tabs, report bookmarks, dashboard configurations, refresh intervals, and more with Compound Slideshows. That is what Report Slideshows and Dashboard Slideshows are for, so build these subslideshows first and then combine them together in Compound Slideshows. Compound Slideshows are more high-level whereas the subslideshows are more low-level.