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Report Slideshows

This section introduces you to Report Slideshows and how to build them.

What is a Report Slideshow?

A Report Slideshow is a Displagent slideshow type that is built from a specific Power BI report.


Don't forget the differences between a Power BI report and a Power BI dashboard. Recall that a Power BI dashboard is a set of pinned visuals or visual pages from one or more Power BI reports. However, what you create in the Power BI Desktop program are Power BI reports.

A Report Slideshow is limited to one, specific Power BI report from a given Power BI workspace. The report can be from any workspace, so long as your service account that you used during setup has access to the workspace.


Many Early Adopters have asked if Report Slideshows can support more than one Power BI report at a time. Per their design, they cannot.

But despair not: this is exactly what Compound Slideshows are designed for! Checkout the Compound Slideshows section to learn more.

Highly Customizable

Power BI reports are highly customizable artifacts in Power BI, so I wanted you to be able to build highly-customizable slideshows to accompany them. As you will see in the following pages, you can quite literally build your Report Slideshow one piece at a time and use a variety of features available to you for advnaced configurations, such as using using bookmarks, setting a slideshow item ordering for each slideshow item, and setting a refresh interval on the slideshow itself.