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Launch Report Slideshow

To launch a Report Slideshow, you have two options:

  • Launch the slideshow from the slideshow control panel on the Buid Slideshow Page.
  • Launch the slideshow from the slideshow's play button on the Report Slideshows Table.

Slideshow Control Panel

On a slideshow's Build Slideshow page, there is a slideshow control panel in the middle of the page, above the embedded Power BI report. Within this control panel, you will see a play button as well as a full screen/maximize button. You can launch a slideshow manually using these and the other control buttons.


To exit fullscreen mode, simply press the Escape key.


There is also a Stop button, a Re-embed report button, and a Refresh button. Be advised, however, that the Refresh button only works up to every 15 seconds.

Slideshow Play Button

On the main Report Slideshows Table, in the Slideshow Commands/Commands column, there is a play button. Clicking this play button automatically navigates to the slideshow's Slideshow Build page and auto-launches the slideshow in fullscreen mode.


This is the easiest way to launch a slideshow.