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Autolaunch Settings

To navigate to the Autolaunch Settings page, open the nav menu on the left side and click the Autolaunch link.

Autolaunch Configurations

The configurations for autolaunch are defined below:

  • Status: a toggle to easily enable or disable autolaunch.
  • Slideshow Type: the Slideshow Type that you want to autolaunch to. The Slideshow Types are:
    • Report Slideshows
    • Dashboard Slideshows
    • Compound Slideshows
  • Slideshow: the specific Slideshow that you want to autolaunch to. The choices in this dropdown are controlled by the selected Slideshow Type.


Displagent will always autostart itself upon machine startup whether you have autolaunch enabled or not. Autostart is the app simply starting itself up whereas autolaunch is automatically launching to a specific Slideshow after autostart.

After choosing each configuration, click the Save button.